We're Friendly, we're Folk, we're FRIENDLY FOLK!
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Friendly Folk Records

'A record label for all Folk genres'

Kathy KellerOwner/CEO


Email:                    Friendly Folk Records

Phone:                   +31 (0) 6 3009 4688

Registered Chamber of Commerce - Netherlands

KvK Number:    64348369

BTW Number:   NL235726667B02

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

* Our office is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. If you are joining us from another city or country make an appointment for a video call. 

Our Team:


Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Management, Promotion
 & Booking


Worldwide Distribution

Friendly Folk Records was established May/2017 when music management entrepreneur, Kathy Keller realized that there were very few folk genre record labels taking on the challenge of nurturing new talent.  Our mission is to help you as an artist to realize your dream. We provide support for your music to maximize your potential during each phase of your career. 

Every artist is as unique as the music they produce, and that is why our services fit the needs of each individual and their situation. We work in cooperation with My Music Matters-MT for Artist management support, promotion and writing services; we offer booking referrals and worldwide distribution services; referrals to professional associates for mixing, mastering, publishing and production.  We deal with all aspects of the music business under one umbrella to insure consistency and personal attention to each artist. Our Licensing & Distribution contracts are fair, and based on the needs of our Artists. * Artists always retain rights to their music. Digital releases on Friendly Folk Records have a 1-year exclusivity contract. After one year, Artist is allowed to re-release a new version of the song, under new catalog number. However the FFR Catalog version remains property of Friendly Folk Records for both physical and digital releases. 

Join our International Friendly Folk Records family! Friendly Folk Records represents: Celtic Folk, Country Folk, Folk Rock, Traditional Folk, Pagan Folk, Tribal Folk, Americana Folk and more! Take the first step today!  Send your music to our demo drop HERE!

* Friendly Folk Records, FFR Bookings, & My Music Matters Management Triad are owned exclusively by K. J. Keller who works in cooperation with local musicians and music technicians for mixing, mastering, photography, video/audio projects, booking services, advice & support. Always Artist Friendly!